Caledonia Kyokushin Karate

Teaching Traditional Kyokushin Karate


Karate Do (commonly shortened to Karate) translates to Empty Hand Way.

The style of Karate we practice is: KYOKUSHINKAI. (Kyoku = Ultimate, Shin = Truth, Kai = Association).

The hall we train in is called a DOJO, the literal translation is "Way Hall

After training for a few weeks a new student must purchase a Licence, application forms can be obtained from your Instructor. Licences must be kept current and are renewable yearly. It is the students responsibility to ensure that they have an up to date licence. Licence fees are currently £20 for the first year and £18 for a renewal.

Karate uniforms or "dogi" (Gi for short) can also be obtained through your Instructor, these come with a white belt and the club badge embroidered on the jacket. Prices vary depending on size, ask your instructor for the price for your size.

Gradings tests are held every 6 months, usually in June & December, the fee depends on your grade, you will be notified by letter prior to the grading, which will show the applicable fee. Please also check out the GRADING CRITERIA page.


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