Caledonia Kyokushin Karate

Teaching Traditional Kyokushin Karate


The following conditions apply:

A Student MUST have an up to date IKKU Licence

A Student MUST have their Instructors permission to grade

A student MUST have attended at least 75% of classes since the previous grading

General Information on gradings:

The MINIMUM time between gradings is as follows (based on training at least twice a week):

  • 10th kyu - 4th kyu = 3 month intervals
  • 4th kyu - 2nd kyu = 6 month intervals
  • 2nd kyu - 1st dan = 12 month intervals
  • 1st dan - 2nd dan = 2 years
  • 2nd dan - 3rd dan = 3 years

Whereas on rare occassions some students have "double graded" this is a very rare occurance and under no circumstances should you ASK to double grade. Kyokushin karate takes many years to master and a lot of patience is required. You should work hard to perfect what is required for your next grade and not try to run before you can walk.




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